Genius Trading-University

Learn from the best.


Learn from the best to become the best.

Our goal is to train average people to become 6 - 7 figure traders, who trade firms capital from the comfort of their home, but why should you join us? We are going to dive deep into how to properly read the charts to make excellent risk/reward decisions that translate into a sustainable market edge.

+ We build a trading plan around your trading personality. No matter if you want to be a Scalper, or a Swing trader, or an intraday swing trader. The strategies and foundation that we teach work for all kinds of trading styles.

+ We have a great Group-chat culture! You got to understand, taking best practices from those who are succeeding in the markets is essential to winning. Our group-chat culture is all about supporting one another and making sure we achieve great results as a team.

+ We bridge the Gap between beginner information and the advanced topics! - Building the foundation is always the most important part when it comes to Trading. We don't just teach you a couple of strategies, and setups and then expect you to be consistently profitable, but what we do instead, is that we take you through a very structured training program, that teaches you anything you need to know to gain a lasting edge in the market.

+ We teach you a full range of strategies and setups, each with its own special place in our repertoire, depending on the market conditions. You get the skills, the coaching and support that you need to succeed in this industry.